About Us

HEALTHY, FULL, FABULOUS HAIR starts with YOU. HAIR by Tippi SHORTER is beautiful hair care in a bottle. HAIR by Tippi SHORTER offers shampoos, conditioners, luxe sprays, and smoothing styling products that nourish hair without the heavy oils and sulphates often found in hair care products. HAIR by Tippi SHORTER focuses on getting hair to its healthiest and making it easy to style for everyone, the secret being the infusion of super ingredients like, Argan oil, Shea and Sea kelp and Wheat protein. These super ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A, E and keratin protein that repair damaged hair, protect thick, course, chemically treated, or dry hair from environmental stress and restore elasticity. All HAIR by Tippi SHORTER products are sulfate and sodium chloride free. You can rest assured that with HAIR by Tippi SHORTER products you are one-step closer to bringing the salon experience right to your home.

For Tippi Shorter, beautiful tresses represent the harmony of hair wellness and glamorous presentation. As the first female African-American hairstylist to be spokesperson for major hair-care brands such as Pantene, Avon, and Ojon, Tippi's philosophy for HAIR by Tippi SHORTER is simple: "get your best HAIR ever." HAIR by Tippi SHORTER makes hair healthier and helps to produce stunning style, for all women to look and feel great. With HAIR by Tippi SHORTER, women can achieve luxury salon results that are easy-to-do and budget friendly. Tippi Shorter has become known for beautiful, sexy, healthy hair, as well as product functionality that she is now sharing with women all over the world through her revolutionary new hair-care line, HAIR by Tippi SHORTER.